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Kathleen Straus, former President, Michigan State Board of Education, realizes the importance of personal finance education for our students. "Students have to know about personal finance. All children must understand the difference between needs and wants, and should be taught now to set realistic goals and to learn the skills of budgeting. They will need to understand the use of credit and mortgages. The younger we start to integrate personal finance education into K-12 courses, the more money savvy our next generation will become."

The National Jump$tart Coalition’s Clearinghouse connects teachers with the resources and tools they need to develop a financial literacy program for their classroom.

Our annual educators conferences provide you with a wealth of valuable information and resources for teaching personal finance to all grade levels.

Michigan Jump$tart publishes a newsletter six times a year to help educators promote financial literacy among youth. This is a great way to stay informed of all our events and what’s happening in the financial literacy world.

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